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Remote Task and Service Auditing

At work today I undertook the task of auditing a domain administrator account. Because we don't want to have many system administrator's profiles on all of our servers we have a specific domain administrator account which is used for routine maintenance and for anything that needs to be done locally on the server. Over time [...]

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Computer Imaging: A Short Analysis

This was written by me back in the summer of 2011 when I worked for a university life cycling a few buildings. When I wrote this I was much less "well-rounded" in the technology and business world, so take this as it is: A short posting about imaging from someone who was a novice at [...]

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The Job Search: Part 2: Attracting (Pre-Interview)

So you've identified a job you want. Maybe from a friend, or LinkedIn, or just searching around online. How do you proceed? Send them your resume right? WRONG. Well, you're kind of right, but that's not the first thing you do. Lets first discuss what a resume isn't: What A Resume Isn't A Life History [...]

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The Job Search: Part 1: Introduction

While at NAU I took a very special class called BizBlock. Without going into much detail, the class was focused on integrating different aspects of business: Marketing, Communication, and Management. A major part of the class was teaching you how to communicate effectively in a business setting as well as market yourself as an individual. [...]

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Novell Zenworks: Tips & Tricks

For those of you still using Novell Zenworks I've decided to compile a list of tips and tricks I've encountered during my time working with ZCM. Some of these will be obvious to long time users of the software, but hopefully you will learn something. These tips assume you are running Novell Zenworks 11.2. Export [...]

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Misconceptions 2: Programming

Misconception 1: One Language Is Inherently Better Than Another The biggest problem I always faced when I was first exploring the world of programming was "which language should I learn?" In my experience you should learn a lot. There is no language that can do everything better than another. Don't fall victim to the idea [...]

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Misconceptions 1: Datacenter

While adventuring through the unprofessional technological world there were many misconceptions that I had picked up. Some wide spread ideas that was mostly biased rhetoric. Misconception 1: No Respectable System Administrator Uses Windows Server This was perhaps the most prevalent misconception that comes to mind. It is mostly the drivel shelled out by diehard Linux [...]

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Welcome to the New Blog!

The Story Well, we've come a long way since about five years ago when I decided I wanted to start blogging about all the interesting things I do in my technical world. After several failed attempts at making my own CMS I decided to cave and go the easy route of Wordpress. My other attempts [...]

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