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The Story

Well, we’ve come a long way since about five years ago when I decided I wanted to start blogging about all the interesting things I do in my technical world. After several failed attempts at making my own CMS I decided to cave and go the easy route of WordPress. My other attempts didn’t fail due to technical limitations, but fell to the way-side after many road-blocks and time constraints. In the end I didn’t feel it was necessary to re-invent the wheel by writing my own CMS from scratch (which I did… twice). The effort to re-code common features such as syntax highlighting was getting me down. On to WordPress!

Over the next few days I hope to find the time to write a little bit about myself and then do some back tracking on some projects I’ve worked on in the past.

The Blog

What is this blog meant to be? In short, it is about my adventures in the technical world.

What will you find within these pages? Interesting stories, technical deep-dives, troubleshooting advice, how-tos, and much more. Subjects will likely include system administration, programming, electrical engineering, the technical aspects of cars, job search and interviewing tips, advice for aspiring technical people, and some personal stuff thrown in!

How often will it be updated? It all depends on what projects I’m working on at any given time. I hope to be able to write one entry per week about something interesting. I realize I may not have anything interesting to write about every week so there will be some blanks. Other times I’ll come across a few interesting tidbits to share.

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