This comes up once in a while, so I’ve decided to make a post, update it, and whenever asked, link back to this. I’ll also add the link to any referenced Reddit threads at the bottom of this post.

If anyone has items to add, feel free to reply and I’ll add it to the user-submitted section.

Last Updated: September 20th, 2016

RSS Reader

Since Google Reader shut down I found and immediately fell in love with NewsBlur. I love it enough that I pay the $7/yr to support the developer and I think I get some. It’s the best reader I’ve found that emulates the Google Reader style and adds so many features I didn’t know I wanted. I support NewsBlur all the way, but I’ve also heard Feedly is good.

OPML/XML Feed Export

I’ve exported my NewsBlur feed here in XML/OPML format: spectralcoding_newsblur.xml

You can use this file as an import for many different feed readers.

Formatted List

Below is the human readable version of the above export. Feel free to pick and choose to add to your list. Order is alphabetical, not based on popularity/quality or anything.

System Administration





Web Technologies




User Submitted



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